Water Proofing

Functionality and Importance of Roof Waterproofing Service

Among the numerous possibilities of waterproofing services in Lahore in construction, is the roof waterproofing in Pakistan. It is considered indispensable because of its place of installation: the roofs.

As they are totally exposed to the weather and, consequently, to rainwater, it is essential that the roofs of buildings are submitted to the roof waterproofing service
DHA in order to prevent these liquids from infiltrating the construction and, therefore, offering various damages to buildings.

Among the various damages that infiltration can cause in a building, there is the appearance of fungi on the inside of buildings, which even poses risks to the health of residents.

The waterproofing service, therefore, is one of the most fundamental in the sector. This service consists of the application of specific products on the surfaces of buildings, which, when dry, become a kind of film on the roofs, preventing the infiltration of liquids, such as rainwater. With this, the roof waterproofing service guarantees a construction free from the various damages that infiltration causes.

The coating used in the waterproofing service is developed with quality waterproofing chemicals, which can be resin-based and provide benefits such as:

  • Immunity against weather;
  • Resistant against the actions of UV rays;
  • Liquid flow guarantee.